ZONTES Club was established in 2007, which is called JiangMen ZONTES Super Motorcycle Sports Club, which is located in the China's famous hometown of overseas Chinese -- Guangdong Jiangmen. The objective of the club is to promote communication and enrich life with sincerity, civilization and mutual assistance by making friends through motorcycles activities

ZONTES Club is a civil spontaneous and non-profit organization mainly for motorcycle's self-driving leisure tourism fans, which has been established by approval of the relevant government departments. The club, is legal, formal and professional, aims to promoting and carrying forward the motorcycle sport and culture, providing a common home for the large number of people who have and love motorcycles in the country, promoting the liaison, communication and common activities of participating in motorcycle sport between the motorcycle lovers and the motorcycle fans, and sharing the joy, experience, adventure and challenge spirit of the motorcycle lovers.

The 3rd Annual Meeting of MOTOF and the Establishment General Assembly of ZONTES Club has been held on June 23, 2007 to 24 in Guangdong Jiangmen known as the Motorcycle City in China. MOTOF is a comprehensive organization hosted by the Sports Association and organized by motorcycle lovers who participated in various competitions, performances and friendship, and till today it has successfully held two annual sessions, which is deeply loved by motorcycle drivers and fans, which is nowadays a high popular motorcycle entertainment activity in China.

The role of motorcycle culture development is not only the stimulation of motorcycle consumption, but also a powerful weapon for motorcycle industry in China to break through the bottleneck. The motorcycle industry in China is one of the earliest and fastest developing industries after the Reform and Opening-up, and China is one of the largest motorcycle exporters in the world, and where there is a motorcycle in the world, there will be signs of Made-in-China, but at the same time, it is also one of the hardest suffering from the bottleneck of development. The development of this industry can fundamentally get another leap by only getting rid of the difficulty of simple manufacturing and developing it into the cultural industry. From this point of view, the establishment of ZONTES Motorcycle Club is a bold attempt, and it is also an extraordinary creation. We will wait to see whether ZONTES Club can carry the big flag of the Chinese motorcycle culture and become the leader of the motorcycle culture.