Our services

Serve you wholeheartedly

(1) Three "hearts"
      1. Care for users: always care for the users, consider for the users.
      2. Careful maintenance: check it carefully and repair it carefully.
      3. Treat users sincerely: treat the user in good faith, let the user rest assured.

(2) Three "all"
      1. All-day service: we can serve you for 24 hours.
      2. All-heart service: let the user be satisfied is our purpose, all-heart service is our eternal pursue.
      3. Full service: product consultation, maintenance and cleaning, and card filing.

(3) Three "satisfactions"
      1. Customer satisfaction: respect the user's requirements and habits, fully serve the user and let the user be satisfied.
      2. Self-satisfaction: self-discipline, dedicate to working to self-satisfaction.
      3. Company-satisfaction: maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the Company, stand the test of time and quality, and let the company be satisfied.

Our service commitment
      1. Five-star service standard,
      2. National service hotline: 95105328


What we sell to the whole world are not only motorcycles, but also to promote the inheritance of the motorcycle culture and pursue the development.

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