Multi-angle Exhibition
Technical Data
Whole motorcycle   Power system   Suspension system
length (mm) 2055 The body Aluminum alloy Frame system Iron pipe frame
Width (mm) 795 Cylinder number Single cylinder  Tire structure Radial tire
Height (mm) 1390 Camshaft system Double-top camshaft(DOHC) Front rim size MT:3.5×17
Wheel base (mm) 1395 Bore X Stoke (mm) 84.5 x 62.0 Rear rim size MT:4.5×17
Loading capacity(kg) 177 Cooling system Water cooling Front tire size 120/70ZR17
Curb weight (kg) 196 Fuel 95 and above Rear tire size 160/60ZR17
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 152 Compression ratio 12.3:1 Front brake size Disk brake
Gasoline tank volume(L) 19 Displacement(ml) 348 Rear brake size Disk brake
Seat height (mm) 795 Fuel supply system Fuel injection Headlight/taillight/turning signal light LED
    Fuel injection system BOSCH Brake system Dual channel ABS
    Ignition system Electric ignition    
    Transmission system Oil sealing chain    
    Idling speed (r/min) 1650 ± 100    
    Maximum power (kW/rpm) 29 / 9500    
    Maximum torque (N.m/rpm) 32.8 / 7500    
    Transmission Constant mesh 6-section transmission    
    Gear International gear    
    Clutch Wet type multi-pieces    
    Economical consumption of fuel (L/km) 3.2 /100    

Gen 2.5 Keyless Control System
With advanced encryption technology, the Gen 2.5 Keyless Control System performs well in anti-theft protection, and induction key fob is delicate and exquisite. The portable key fob can unlock the motorcycle within 1.5m away and lock it beyond this distance through inductiveness, keeping the transponder in a backpack or pocket with no need for taking it out. It avoids the hassle of using key to unlock the motorcycle and is easy and convenient to use. The whole motorcycle adopts the electronic lock, which brings the motorcyclist a more wonderful experience. The Gen 2.5 Keyless Control System is IP67 waterproof, and equipped with a better built-in HF antenna, enhancing the sensitivity of the system. It also has a built-in chip sensor, enabling it to respond to and unlock the motorcycle when it is close to the lower right side of the seat even if its battery is removed or dead.
TFT full color LCD screen instrument
The full virtual HD HB TFT full color LCD IPS panel has four types of personalized theme interfaces. It has functions such as interconnection with mobile phones, navigation screen sharing, screen mirroring, Bluetooth music, phone answering, and automatic adjustment of backlight. It can also monitor the driving data, vehicle failure, tire temperature and air pressure in real time during the drive to ensure driving safety.
Electric function
Traditional keys have been eclipsed by the electric gasoline tank cover, seat cushion lock and head lock. Buttons are distributed on the left and the right handlebars, which facilitates the motorcyclist to start by one press.
BOSCH EFI system
The latest Bosch EFI system integrates functions such as headlight control, fan control, and sports & fuel-saving mode, which is equivalent to a comprehensive optimization of thefuel economy and operating quality.
High power magneto
The power generation of high-power magneto is increased; the temperature rise is reduced and the service life is longer; the weight of the magneto rotor is reduced, which further improves the engine vibration and power output; the battery matched with the high-power magneto has greater storage capacity.
10AH gel battery
Large capacity and good at low temperature performance
Tire pressure monitoring system
Adopt German imported chips to achieve high-precision monitoring. When the tire pressure is abnormal during running, it quickly locks the front and rear wheels and flashes a warning prompt on the instrument. With learning matching function, high pressure alarm function, low pressure alarm function, high temperature alarm function, rapid air leakage alarm, sensor low battery alarm, sensor signal loss alarm, etc. The tire pressure monitoring system will effectively avoid flat tires and increase driving safety; avoid damage to tires at low air pressure and extend tire life; reduce fuel consumption; and maintain the best handling performance.
Dual fast charging USB ports
The USB charger (fast charging version) provides two USB output ports that support QC3.0 fast chargingprotocol for riders. During fast charging, the output power of a single port can reach 18W. The shell is made of high temperature flame retardant material, built-in high-precision hardware current limiting chip, which can ensure that each ports works within the safe current range, effectively preventing the occurrence of output overcurrent, input overvoltage, output short circuit, etc., greatly improving safety.
New seat cushion leather pattern
The new foam materialis very soft, and at the same time, it is re-matched with higher-grade leather, which is to increase the friction between the clothing fabric and the seat cushion.A new convex-shaped leather pattern is designed to achieve that the body is not easy to move back and forth during acceleration and braking Shift, long-distance travel is as soft and shock-absorbing as a sofa.
Pure-aluminum cylinder
The inner wall of the cylinder without liner is thin due to the completely home-made pure-aluminum cylinder from die-casting to processing, and the space saved is used to widen the water passage, so as to take away the heat in the cylinder quickly. The good heat dissipation performance is an important factor to guarantee the improvement of the engine performance and the extending of engine life.
Fuel-saving and sporting dual mode
The cyclist can switch between the two modes (E is fuel-efficient mode, S is sports mode) by pressing the button on the right handlebar, which fully satisfies the fuel-saving demand during the long-distance travel and the swift and fierce experience demand of cycling in cities. In the fuel-efficient mode, the system will automatically switch to the sport mode as long as the engine speed is increased to 7,000rpm if the cyclist needs to overtake under emergency.
Sharp motorcycle headlight
The auto-level LED light source is used, with a natural and soft color temperature.Achieve a brighter illumination field, smaller light decay and longer service life.
Equipped with dual channel ABS
The dual-channel ABS system allows the rider to calmly control the scooter in any unexpected situation. The ABS system will bring confidence to whatever you want, whether in sand, rain or snow.
Lightweight aluminum alloy rim
The wide rim and hollow interior design ensure both the strength and toughness.
Adjustable Brake Pedal and Shift Lever
The three front and rear sections of brake pedal and shift lever can be adjusted to adapt to different foot sizes and shapes, providing users with comfortable operating experience.
Widened and heightened electric windshield
The widened and heightened electric windshield, in line with aerodynamics, effectively reduces the head-on wind and makes the wind blow over the top of the head; fully-exposed aluminum alloy rocker arm with mechanical beauty.
Anti-scald Exhaust Pipe / New Design Muffler
The stainless steel outer barrel and the ingenious internal heat insulation design prevent the exhaust pipe from burning when driving for a long time and allow the back seat passenger to feel at ease when placing the feet close to the baffle.
The exhaust pipe and muffler have the increased volume and the newly optimized air flow and sound-proof structure to better meet noise reduction and emission requirements, and ensure smooth emission at a low speed-torque range.
Increase galvanized inner tank
19L of increased fuel tank with strong endurance brings you a better journey experience.
Aluminum alloy single rocker arm
The special technology of integrated forming originates from the independent casting of Tayo (Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd). Through the combination of material and casting technology, the flexibility of aluminium alloy is close to that of steel tube. It is very difficult to break in bending and torsion. The characteristics of light weight and good rigidity of aluminium alloy are brought into full play.
Newly Tuned Front and Rear Shock Absorbers
The front shock absorber adopts φ43mm front fork tube, quasi-liter level, with stronger rigidity, significantly improving the control over the vehicle and ensure smooth driving on the road. The central rear shock absorber adopts high-pressure nitrogen inside, φ 50mm damping cylinder, oversized piston, and higher specifications than most 1000cc classes, so that it responds quickly, effectively absorbs vibration caused by small bumps on the road, and provides stronger support on rough road. It has a small spring preload and large rear wheel stroke, improving riding comfort and avoiding fatigue during long journey.
Radial Type Caliper/enlarged Disc Brake Plate
"The diameter of the front disc brake is increased to 320mm, and that of the rear disc brake is increased to 265mm, providing more powerful braking force and more linear hand feel of breaking. The front disc brake adopts the radial-type four-piston caliper to make emergency braking easier and effectively shorten the braking distance."
Oil Cooling Radiator
The oil cooling radiator is used as the oil cooler to increase the heat dissipation area of the engine oil against the wind, and the air flow on the windward side takes away more heat; the oil bypass pipe is eliminated, and the oil circuit is unique, ensuring that all the oil is cooled by the oil cooling radiator.
New Design Air Filter
The volume of the 350 air filter is 30% larger than that of the 310 air filter. With the new muffler, it not only improves the low torque efficiency, but also greatly reduces the noise of the vehicle.
Sliding clutch
It is equivalent to adding a layer of transmission protection between the engine and the rear wheel to reduce the impulse phenomenon of the clutch when the speed difference is too large; make the clutch handle lighter.
High compression ratio engine
The ZT350 engine has a high compression ratio of 12.3:1, and a low fuel consumption can get a 29KW, 32.8N.m power output. As the development trend of the advanced technology of internal combustion engine in the world, high compression ratio engine is characterized by fuel-saving, environmental protection and high performance. In order to successfully use high compression ratio technology, it is necessary to overcome the technical difficulties in engine material, molding process, structural design and other aspects that are different from the ordinary engines.