Multi-angle Exhibition
Technical Data
Whole motorcycle   Power system   Suspension system
length (mm) 1976 Body Aluminum alloy Frame system Iron pipe frame
Width (mm) 773 Cylinder number Single cylinder  Tire structure Radial tire
Height (mm) 1052 Camshaft system Double-top camshaft Front rim size 3.0×17
Wheelbase (mm) 1384 Bore X Stoke (mm) 73 x 59.5 Rear rim size 4.5×17
Net weight (kg) 144 Cooling system Wind and cooling Front tire size 110/70R17
Full load (kg) 154 Fuel tank Gas Rear tire size 150/55R17
Ground clearness (mm) 188 Compression ratio 10.4:1 Front brake size Disk brake
Fuel tank volume (L) 11 Displacement(ml) 249 Rear brake size Disk brake
Cushion distance from earth(mm) 790 Fuel injection system Delphi Headlight/Tail light/Turning light
    Ignition system CDI    
    Transmission system Oil sealing chain    
    Idling speed (r/min) 1400 ± 100    
    Maximum power (kW/rpm) 18 / 8000    
    Maximum torque (N.m/rpm) 23 / 6500    
    Maximum speed (km/h) 145    
    Gearbox Variable speed constant tooth type six    
    Gear International gear    
    Clutch Wet multi-pieces    
    Economical consumption of fuel (L/km) 2.8 /100    
More design highlights that impress you at first sight
Exquisite style

In order to achieve a sense of unified entity, the whole motorcycle adopts the design of screw-free installation. The soft sponge of the cushion which is formed into a sharp angle through the advanced internal foaming technology connects with the gasoline tank seamlessly. The assembly clearances of all covering parts are less than 0.5 mm. The premise of such process requirement, which is even rarely seen in the automotive field, is that the deformation amount of the frame after welding is almost zero.
Distinctive characters
Ingenious headlamp with cover
Transformer appearance
The LED design is adopted for all lamps of the motorcycle, reducing the storage battery load and improving the penetration length in the dark. The ZT250-S headlamps can greatly lower down the lighting efficiency attenuation of traditional lamps after long-term usage.
Pretty color assortment
In order to avoid the discoloration and the peeling off of the applique due to sun exposure, split-type parts are designed, painted separately and combined as an integrated part for areas on ZT250-S which should be appliqued, which not only is texturally beautiful, but also makes it easier for consumers to change their favorite color combinations.

High-tech gasoline tank design
Double galvanized sheet inner gasoline tank
The inner liner is made by double-layer galvanized sheet to prevent the gasoline tank from rusting.
Elaborately developed dull polish paint
The dull polish paint developed for ZT250-S for 3 years is much more resistant to oil and corrosion than other varieties in the market, and sprayed by robots under the sealed environment during the whole process only for the distinctive colors which are unforgettable.

360-degree positioning rotary rearview mirror
Cyclists won't be bothered by constantly adjusting bilateral symmetry for the rearview mirror thanks to the ingenious 360-degree positioning rotary design.
All-liquid crystal display intelligent digital controller
Intelligent digital controller
Fashionable and distinctive speed indicators are progressively-arranged on the all-liquid-crystal intelligent digital controller which is clear at a glance. The traditional mechanical front wheel speed line output structure is abandoned, and the intelligent processing based on the advanced electronic sensor combined with the controller chip is adopted, which not only can display accurately and react fast, but also is more dust-proof, waterproof and weatherproof.
Central control anti-theft lock
The central control anti-theft lock with integrated design located in the center of the motorcycle head can open and close the gasoline tank cover and the anti-theft lock cover, and operate the front lock, the seat cushion lock and the ignition switch, which is very convenient for usage.

Cyclist-centric design concept
Comfortable cushion
Compared with the traditional process that the sponge is formed and then wrapped by the outer skin, it is a breakthrough to adopt the advanced technology that the outer skin is formed and then filled with the sponge foam. This kind of angular and exquisite cushion neither wrinkled nor deformable, is a configuration which is only possible for the imported motorcycle with a price over RMB100,000.
Central rear shock absorber
The design of built-in air bag filled with high pressure nitrogen is adopted for the central rear shock absorber to reduce the hydraulic oil temperature; it can provide greater restoring damping force when cycling at high speed, while the high-pressure nitrogen in the air bag can also change the air spring characteristics inside the shock absorber; improve the cycling comfort and the feeling of fatigue during long-distance travel.

Super-wide tire
The wide tire is an important symbol of the racing bike. The 150 wide tires with a flat rate of only 55 are standard configuration for ZT250-S, which is even rare for modified motorcycles on the racing track. The weight is significantly reduced by the hollow aluminum alloy wheels, which improves the startup acceleration performance. Both the front and the rear tires are special radial tires for the racing track, with good road holding and anti-deformation performance.

Fully-automated robot welding
The fully-automated robotic welding combined with low-spatter fusion welding technology which not only eliminates the welding deformation of the frame, but also makes the internal of the tube clean and slag-free, forming a clean and natural engine gasoline tank for ZT250-S.

Strong power

High performance oil-cooling engine

Based on the concept of high performance and fuel economy and durability, a low-speed and high-torsion oil-cooling engine is tailored for ZT250-S. When the engine runs at a low speed of 5,000rpm, the motorcycle speed can be up to 85km/h. and the economic fuel consumption of 100km at a constant speed of 60km/h is only 2.8 liters.

The emission of ZT250-S can easily meet the high standards of TUV EU certification thanks to the double overhead camshaft four valves with the Delphi EFI system which significantly improve the motorcycle's startup performance at low temperature, obtaining authentication certificate from the German Ministry of Transportation.

The traditional mode of lubrication that the lubrication oil is splashed by the gear is replaced by the mode of injection lubrication that areas which should be lubricated are directed sprayed by the high-pressure oil through the oil pump thanks to the unique dual-oil-pump design. After that, the hot oil in the engine is pumped into the frame for external circulation of heat dissipation, which reduces the engine temperature to a greater extent and significantly extends the engine life.

The ZT250-S engine adopts the technology of all-aluminum cylinder without liner, which enables homogeneous-material thermal expansion amount between the cylinder wall and the piston, thereby eliminating the noise of the piston striking the cylinder wall after the warm up process; the ultra-thin cylinder wall is also more conducive to heat dissipation.

New designs, such as the built-in balance shaft, the external engine oil strainer, the low-damping air filter, and the stainless steel silencer, etc. redouble the highlights of the super ZT250-S engine.

Why does the Shengshi ZONTES 250-S engine speed up fast?
ZT250-S engine
The running resistance of the components is very small because there is no engine oil sump in the gearbox of the ZT250-S engine. It greatly improves the acceleration performance, which is the "dry oil sump" design that only the motorcycle on the track has. The principle: after the motorcycle is started, the scarce engine oil in the gearbox is pumped out by the oil pump A immediately, and enters the frame pipe for circulating heat dissipation. The cooled oil after heat dissipation is pumped back to the countless injection channels specially designed for the engine by the oil pump B, and sprayed at each part for heat-removing directly like the shower head.
Ordinary engine
Components operated inside the ordinary engine gearbox are immersed in the engine oil sump. The running resistance is extremely large due to the viscous nature of the engine oil, like running in the water, which is slower than that in air. The oil is more viscous and the engine acceleration performance will be significantly impacted, especially in the winter.